Thursday, May 23, 2013


Some friends of mine got married this last weekend, and I was lucky enough to get to do their flowers. I wasn't really given any instruction besides some ribbons of the colors and I took pictures of the shoes, so I could get the flowers close to that.  That was actually the biggest challenge! 

I made a bouquet of roses for her bridals, which I didn't get a picture of, but wished I had.  It was pretty basic, but beautiful.

For the actual wedding, I made the bouquet, a corsage for the groom's daughter, corsages for the moms, boutineers for the dads, and one for the groom.  I ended up getting more roses than I thought I was going to, so as an after thought I made a bouquet to toss. 

Here are some pics!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It's springtime and love is in the air!

This past weekend I had TWO weddings to go to, on the same day, at the same time!  One of them I got to decorate for.  I just have to say it was so fun!  The preparations threw some learning curves, but I made it through.  My cute mom was WAY helpful getting things done and being so supportive!

It was held at This is the Place Heritage Park.  She bought loose roses from the Flower Patch, and then daffodils at a local store.  Then I got to arrange them!  So much fun!  Here are some up close pictures!

This is the cute little church. 

Not fans of cake, so it's a lemon cream something from Marie Calendar's.  I got to add the flowers, and the stuff on the table :)

Gift table!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Creating a Master Suite into a Zen-like Retreat...

As promised... Here's my newspaper article...  As seen in The Salt Lake Tribune!

(For whatever reason there's no link online, and I sent a request to get a digital copy, and have heard nothing since.  Sad!)  It's a full page!!!
Everywhere in your house is overrun with kids, to-dos, clutter, work, piles, noise, technology, etc...  Do you have a place that is just for you?  We've all seen:
My life...haven't gone to the restroom alone in almost 3 years.
There's no where for just you!  Well, your master suite should be!  When you have a party, where does all of the extra stuff end up? The stuff that doesn't have a "home". In your bedroom. You should have rules about keeping the junk and unnecessaries out of it! 
Well, here are a few tips to creating a Zen-like feeling in your room...  Of course you want your room to be personalized.  However, if you collect dishes or shoes or little figurines, your master bedroom shouldn't be the place you show that off.  Declare your room a knick-knack free area!  Zen works really well with contemporary furnishings, low profile, minimalistic.  To bring in that Zen feeling, bring in nature.  You want to use natural elements:  wood, rocks, metal, water, light.  Natural light brightens the room, and pumps up your energy level, rejuvenates you for what you are going to face outside of your personal retreat!  Bring in some plants, something alive! 
I suggest finding a photograph that represents peace and relaxation for you, and build your design off of that!  Easiest fix, paint your walls, bring in a color from your photo.  Have throw pillows on your bed, but don't overflow it with pillows!  The key is to keep everything in moderation!  Nice, light-weight fabric, whether just by appearance, or really light-weight will help to lighten the room, which will lighten you!
Now, grab your favorite book, put on your most comfy clothes, light some candles and enjoy your moment!  It may not last long, but it'll be waiting for your next moment!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New project, new camera...

So, for Christmas I got a new camera!  I was so excited!  Here it is!!!
Today I started a new project, and took my new camera, and thought I was set.  As I was walking through this spa taking pictures of all of the massage rooms, my camera would not focus.  It kept trying, but it was like it couldn't decide what to focus on.  So, the spa owner had to carry around a chair so it would focus.  How weird is that?!  Of course the lighting was really dim, but I sure learned I need to learn more about this camera!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Watch this Saturday's Salt Lake Tribune for an article that I was interviewed for on creating a master suite into a Zen-like retreat!  So much fun!  Thanks Jake for contacting me!

I'll post a link here, and then I'll discuss the process of creating a Zen-like retreat! 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When I was in school we had to write a business plan.  My business plan went something like this:  "Be an independent interior designer, and a wedding and event planner..."  My professor said those two things didn't really work together, and that I needed to rethink that idea.

Fast forward about 8 years, and I met her daughter-in-law.  This professor is an interior design professor, an interior designer, and a wedding planner.  Interesting...  Anyways, I promise this is going somewhere :)

Well, I've been contemplating new business endeavors.  I've been working in my church, planning, organizing, and carrying out many large scale events and conferences for a few hundred people.   Granted at these events I haven't used any of my design skills.  I have had the opportunities to decorate for other activities, parties, weddings, etc...  I arrange flowers as a hobby... So, I guess what I'm saying that in the not so near future, Designs by Pyper will be starting up a new phase of business!

Spread the word!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I've been keeping busy working on a few fun projects!  Challenging at times, but oh, so fun!  Once again, I see where I lack in communication skills.  I once managed the shoe department at Meier & Frank in Layton, UT.  It was a million dollar department, and we did really well, often winning competitions with other stores in the region.  Things always went really well communicating to my employees, but I remember nearly every time I met with Joe, the store manager, I'd get through with this big rant about whatever needed to be done, and he'd look at me, and say, "Let's start again, speak slower..." I'd always leave thinking that one of us was apparently, ummm.... well, dumb, but I didn't know which one of us it was :)  Well, since that year and some of working under Joe, I've had a complex.  Every appointment I have, I pray that I can express my thoughts clearly, so that we all understand what's going on. 

That being said, every consultation, I listen a lot to my client, but I don't really give feedback that day.  That way things will really make sense, I hope, when I present!

There have been a couple times in the past week, where I've been with clients, and they ask questions that I've never expected.  It's been a great learning experience!

I love the way people's minds work!