Thursday, January 24, 2013

I've been keeping busy working on a few fun projects!  Challenging at times, but oh, so fun!  Once again, I see where I lack in communication skills.  I once managed the shoe department at Meier & Frank in Layton, UT.  It was a million dollar department, and we did really well, often winning competitions with other stores in the region.  Things always went really well communicating to my employees, but I remember nearly every time I met with Joe, the store manager, I'd get through with this big rant about whatever needed to be done, and he'd look at me, and say, "Let's start again, speak slower..." I'd always leave thinking that one of us was apparently, ummm.... well, dumb, but I didn't know which one of us it was :)  Well, since that year and some of working under Joe, I've had a complex.  Every appointment I have, I pray that I can express my thoughts clearly, so that we all understand what's going on. 

That being said, every consultation, I listen a lot to my client, but I don't really give feedback that day.  That way things will really make sense, I hope, when I present!

There have been a couple times in the past week, where I've been with clients, and they ask questions that I've never expected.  It's been a great learning experience!

I love the way people's minds work!