Thursday, April 28, 2011

Designs by Pyper

Residential interior design.  Home staging.  Small home accessories.

I have been an interior designer since 2005.  I graduated from Weber State University in 2003 with a degree in interior design.  

Designs by Pyper was established in October 2008. 

Residential Interior Design:  Any project, from brand new construction to a remodel, Designs by Pyper does it!  Interior design begins with an in-home consultation, including discussing the interest and wants of the client, and photos of the home.  I then brainstorm for a few days and come up with an idea board or just photos/drawings, depending on the desires of the client.  The process will go on from there :)

Home Staging:  Designs by Pyper focus on the living room/great room, kitchen, master bedroom, and one bathroom.
After the initial consultation, Designs by Pyper will compile a list of suggestions for the client. After which, the homeowner can decide whether to complete the list on their own, or if they want my assistance in completing that list.

Frames, Signs & More: I've been working on small home accessories this winter. Please check out the hand-crafted decor page for photos (which will be up and ready tomorrow sometime). You can check out past posts, as well :)  Email me at for pricing or with any questions. Custom signs are available!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Signs and stuff...

I like to play with paint, wood, and vinyl!  So, I'm sharing that fun with you.  Custom signs are available, please message me with any questions at

This sign is 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 in size.  It's wood painted with a graphite/black, and then stained natural.  Cream vinyl.  $12.  (Easle not included)

$15.  Rustic/weathered Chocolate sign.  Cream vinyl.  8 1/2 x11 1/4.  Custom signs available :)

My most favorite saying ever!  5x7.  $10.  Contact me for custom designs :)

"Dream" 8x10 black frame. Red, Black & White. $18. Contact me for custom designs :) 

"Create" 8x10 black frame. Purple, Olive, Black Vinyl. $18. Contact me for custom sign :) 

Cartoon font.  6x6 tile.  Contact me with custom sayings, custom sizes available.  $5 (this size)

Two 5x7 frames.  $10 a set.  Custom orders available :)